1. To provide a spirit-filled organization that would serve to promote the investigative profession in a non- competitive atmosphere.
2. Glorify the Lord in all endeavors.
3. To expose Criminals and Frauds.


Every year, more and more companies are seeing the benefit of participating in screening their employees in some manner. The term "screening" broadly encompasses anything from applicant screening, to drug testing, applicant behaviors' with his or her previous employers, to verifying education and work history and many more. .

Simlpy stated, we at Ste-Microscope International Limited "do an employment check" which we can tailor to suit your needs. Ste-Microscope Int'l Ltd is a company registered in Ghana in the year 2008 as a business and project consultancy organization. We have recorded a remarkable achievement with companies and individuals within West Africa, East Africa and outside Africa with their pre-employment screening. We have developed a reputation for providing quality service and personal consulting that sets us apart from our competitors. 

We are professional organization in Ghana with networks in 17 other African countries. We are also a certified member of Association of Christian Investigators in Texas and we have come to change the industry trends. It's very important for every company to review their employment and recruiting screening policies for mutual benefit and growth of their companies. We know the questions to ask to make sure your employment screening process is up to date at all times.

Employment screening is an integral part of the employing process. Examining your current policy, educating yourself and your staff on the resources available to you and strengthening the process will maximize your ability to provide a productive, secure working environment.

Whatever your location or nature of  enquiry, our experienced and professional staff will find the facts and provide solutions confidentially and quickly.