About Ste-Microscope International Limited

Ste-microscope Int'l Ltd is Employment Screening is a leading provider of comprehensive employment background checks including national and international criminal record checks, verifications of past employment, education, professional licenses and certification, searches of government and industry-specific sanction lists, and much more.

Ste-microscope Int'l Ltd's experienced staff will consult with you to create a screening program customized to your needs. We can help you implement a compliant background screening program based on your industry's requirements and employment screening best practices – a screening program that will help you create a safe work environment and reduce potential liability by uncovering job candidates' criminal records, falsified resumes, inclusion on sanction lists, and additional background information.

Many of our clients background screening programs encompass more than traditional job candidates. Ste-microscope Employment Screening can also help you conduct background checks on vendors, temporary staff, consultants, volunteers, students, executives, and other populations of your extended workforce. We also conduct employee re-screening for clients to help ensure they learn about employees who commit crimes after a pre-employment background screening is conducted.

Our Mentors

MR.Kelly E.Riddle;TCI, TPLI
Director The PI Institute of Education and Founder: Association of Christian Investigators Texas USA.

MR.Brad Granlun